Cortex e-Sports WELCOMES team Red

Mon 24th Jul 2017 - 10:42am : Counter Strike : Global Offensive

With the recent success of Cortex team BLUE making it into the CGm Finals on their first season in the Cybergamer MAIN Ladder, Cortex e-Sports was on a search to find a second team with potential in the Amatuer League. ''FAZZ'' being in the recent red team, has put together a team of willing and skilfull players to once again represent Cortex TEAM RED. So today we welcome to the family our new Cortex RED Team:









They will be competing in the upcoming Cybergamer Amatuer League, ESEA Open and Other Offline and Online events.

We look forward to see cortex red progress as a team #CortexredCS



Tino Allin

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