[#CSGO] Cortex CGm CSGO Team wins the first game of the season 2-0 against GGsoEZ (Formerly Azure e-Sports)

Wed 14th Feb 2018 - 7:32am Counter Strike : Global Offensive

[#CSGO] The Cortex Counter-Strike:GO Team are currently undefeated after creating a new lineup. They have recently said Farewell to 4 players from the old cortex line-up in, BABAFPS, Clutchyy, WIL and CHUBB. They have recently recruited 4 players in the off-season, Nope, Lato, Jeongy and DirgeSnoopy, 3 of which has not played CGm before joining cortex for the CGm FFYI (Nope, Lato and Jeongy). They were undefeated in the FFYI and have now won the first game of the CGm season against GGSOEZ (formly Azure e-Sports) 2-0 taking out Cache 14-4 and Inferno 16-14. Being down 12-8 on Inferno the boys dug deep and came through with some big retakes and holds to retake the win 16-14. GGWP to the Cortex CSGO Team and also GGSOEZ. #CortexNumberOne1



Tino Allin

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