[#CSGO] Cortex CS team defeats Austral Influence 2-0

Tue 13th Mar 2018 - 2:32pm Counter Strike : Global Offensive

[#CSGO] After the Cortex CS team lost their last game against DBP 1-2 last week, they made a few roster changes picking up JJ2G and Ketamine and dropping Jeongy to sub and LATOx leaving the team to look for other options. This was the first official match with the new lineup StingRaysz, TURBO, Nope, Ketamine and JJ2G.

Map picks: 

Astral Influence picked Train

Cortex e-Sports picked Mirage

Remainding map: Inferno


Cortex e-Sports won the knife round and chose to play on the CT side. Cortex was up 9-6 leading into halftime and swapping sides. Not having played together on train before they were struggling with executes into the A site forcing them to go towards the B site more often. Towards the end of the match JJ2G's power went out causing him to timeout. Cortex then had to use their super sub in DirgeSnoopy. Having experience, Snoopy lead the Cortex team into a more structured half and sealing the win 16-14 with Ketamine going huge with a 2k to clutch out the round.


Cortex e-Sports now lost the knife round being forced to play T side. It was a hard fought match on Mirage losing some eco rounds on the CT side. They picked it up and at 15-13 sealed the win with a A site retake after given the site up to stack B. Hopefully the Cortex CSGO Boys improve their chemistry and executes with their new lineup.

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Tino Allin

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