Cortex defeats Downfall gaming 2-0

Wed 21st Mar 2018 - 11:36am Counter Strike : Global Offensive


The Cortex CS:GO boys take down downfall gaming 2-0 in tonights CGm matchup.


Cortex Pick: Mirage

Downfall Pick: Nuke

Remaining: Inferno


The Cortex e-Sports team struggled in the early rounds of the CT side losing pistol round and a few more rounds after that. Cortex then made a comeback winning back the half 8-7 leading into halftime. Cortex lost the pistol round with a plant and deciding to suprise downfall with a force buy of 2 Ak's the next round sending them into mid. Cortex then continued to play strong securing the win 16-10 going onto nuke. 

Not playing nuke together before the cortex boys was hoping to rely on turbos call to win them the game. Cortex won the knife round and chose to play on the CT side first. Losing the first couple rounds, the Cortex boys then adapted to the map playing more passive and giving up the outer area.Cortex ended up winning the half going onto the T side.

After downfall gaming won a crucial making it 15-13 (Cortex Way), they put cortex on a bad buy having them to force 2 UMPS and all pistol armour. They decided to rush ramps picking off one player from downfall and continuing onto the B site. After a few trades it was down to a 2v3 having StingRayz and JJ2G to clutch the round out making it game point and ending the match 16-13.

Cortex are now 3-1 this CGm season. 

7 maps won

2 maps lost





Jarrod Malone

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