Cortex takes down Exsto Gaming

Wed 28th Mar 2018 - 4:17pm Counter Strike : Global Offensive

The Cortex boys pick up a hard win against Exsto Gaming winning 2-1 taking Inferno and Overpass and giving up Mirage.

The Cortex boys went into the first two games having to use their super sub Jeongy as Ketamine was away from home at the time. They win the first half on inferno, starting on T side and securing it on the CT side taking the map 16-14 in a hard earned battle.

The second map chosen by the Cortex boys was the puggy map Mirage. The boys won knife round chosing CT side first. Our Cortex boys were up 6-0 but couldnt hold the lead going into the half. The Cortex boys ended up bringing it back to tie the game 15-15 but couldnt hold on as they lost it 17-19.

In the third and final map Overpass, the boys welcomed back Ketamine into the game and subbing out Jeongy. With their 5th back in the boys felt confident and took out the map comfortably 16-7.

The CS:GO team now has one more groups game left against the Deep Space Crocs to fight for 2nd place overall in the group stages. We wish them the best of luck next week and in the CGm Finals.


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Jarrod Malone

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