H1Z1 Team finishing 5th Overrall after first day of Division 2 scrims.

Wed 21st Feb 2018 - 1:38pm Gaming

[#H1Z1] The Cortex e-Sports H1Z1 Team have played the first day of scrims for division 2 on Tuesday 20th of February. They finished 8th in the first scrim with one of their members getting unlucky and dieing early to bombs. The Second scrim they finished 9th having to push into a building where a team have already set up in and unfourtunatly lost the close range battle finishing 9th. The Third and final scrim they had luck with the gas circle sticking right in the middle and with great teamwork and communication moved into the last zone and killing off the 3rd team but unfourtunatly dieing to a 5 man team who won that Third and final scrim. The Cortex H1Z1 Boys also say farewell to Starlo, Neverland and mintz who leave cortex seeking other endevours. We wish them the best of luck. #CortexNumberOne #CRTXH1Z1



Tino Allin

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