Farewell to our #H1Z1 Team

Mon 12th Mar 2018 - 8:08am Gaming

Today we officially say farewell to our long serving H1Z1 team. This H1Z1 team captained by Subzy was our first H1 team to play under the Cortex organisation. Since then they have pushed into Division 2 in the AU Scrims always contesting for Div1 having only missed out by a few points. With a couple of roster changes and an opportunity arising, they have now joined Corvidae as their second team. We wish them all the best of luck in their future endevours. 

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Tino Allin

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  • Thanks for letting me share Techfogg Myskyflorist

  • Looks like I am bit late for saying the farewell. I had some work pending of my allassignmenthelp service and couldn't get the time to come here but I wish the team a very good luck for the future.

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