Cortex CS Amateur Team

  • Thu 4th Jan 2018 - 4:34am


    I'd like to know if you'd be interested in allowing our new Counter Strike team (Which strives to compete in CGA this upcoming season) to be referred as being under your organisation, We have no intent to surpass or replace your current signature CS lineup, but to merely expand your organisation and give us players some extra experience while doing so.

    Of course we do not intend to ruin the reputation of your organisation, so in case our performance isn't up to scratch this upcoming CGA season we'd cease to remain part of the org to preserve the current reputation.

    Please further contact me if you're interested,

  • Mon 15th Jan 2018 - 1:09am

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  • Mon 29th Jan 2018 - 7:26pm

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  • Thu 15th Mar 2018 - 4:25pm

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