Yeast Infection Symptoms - Dealing With Yeast Infections

  • Sat 9th Mar 2019 - 4:00am
    Yeast infections can make people agonized, but it should be noted that the vaginal itching V-Tight Gel Review and irritation is not the only symptom of having yeast infection. There are quite a few symptoms which can be obvious when a person has developed yeast infection. Yeast infection symptoms include burning sensation during urination. This sensation may be present all the time but get worse while urinating and even get tears in your eyes. The burning may not just result from the infection only, but because of the irritation as well. Awfully painful sexual intercourse is another yeast infection symptom. The worst thing about this is that you can easily pass the infection to your partner if you have unprotected sex. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use a condom. In case, both the partners developed the infection and it remained untreated, then you would keep passing it to one another which will lead to further problems. Vaginal discharge that has cheese like texture is also a common yeast infection symptom. The texture and color will however vary depending on the type of infection. Usually the texture is more curd-like and the color of the discharge is white. It can even be watery and grey. Other symptoms may include vaginal odor, joint pain, digestive pain, acne, and respiratory infections. Your skin may become red and feel itching as well. You will also notice that the edges of your skin will start curling up and become dry. The vaginal area will experience soreness and burning. It can be quite frustrating to diagnose your symptoms. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you seek medical advice as soon as you start experiencing any of the yeast infection symptoms. Understanding the problem better will help you look for treatments to get rid of infections.
  • Tue 26th Nov 2019 - 7:30am
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